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WJF insert barrel (updated for Kriggevaer! :)
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Printed on: 09/10/2007
Topic author: Pettson
Subject: WJF insert barrel (updated for Kriggevaer! :)
Posted on: 05/04/2007 3:42:20 PM

Insert barrel for target practice, made by WJF. The main target (haha!) for this product should have been the FSR folks, but since it could be ordered for any barrel length it could be adapted for most any rifle.
Two basic versions were offered, one for 6,5x55, .308 or .30-06, made for the little indoor 4mm M20 cartridge. The other one for .308 or .30-06, chambered for .22LR.
The one pictured below is the .22 version, for .30-06.

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The kit comes with five steel cartridges. These are loaded with the practice cartridge and the "striker head" is fitted on top of that...

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83.89 KB this order. The short green handled rod (that looks like it came from RCBS?) is for extracting the spent case from the insert cartridge.

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Front end of insert barrel. One of the steel cartridges is fitted to the barrel (unloaded!) and inserted into the rifle's barrel from the breech end. Washer goes on, and then the nut is tightened on top of that.

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Breech end of insert barrel, with a loaded insert cartridge next to it.

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The two cartridge choices offered with this kit. .22LR and 4mm M20.

Adding to the above...
Those short, German cartridge like adapters were sold in Sweden also, I think I've seen them in old VD catalogues or something. I'll have a look.
And as mentioned in the pantsless man's thread, 4mm M20 barrels were made for both the m/07 and m/40 pistols. The latter was even adopted by the Air Force.
Here some old pictures from my site;

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Then there was of course the Almina, also a sub-caliber thingy, well sort of anyway...

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Reply author: kriggevaer
Replied on: 05/08/2007 12:06:06 AM

Well Done, Excellent. The m/07 adapter is very interesting. You mention the German made adapters and I have seen German shooting accessory catalogs from the 1950s period that had many different caliber adapters. I would not be surprised if VD sold such things.

Tack så mycket! Ni har varit mycket hjälpsam. I can see that the pantsless man has been a bad influence on me
I think he may really be a odygdig nisse. My grandmother told me they often don't wear pants
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