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From the pages of current "Russia Beyond" journal; couple of articles...

First, Russian Space Pistols. Forgotten weapons: Soviet SPACE pistols :) :) :)

Second, the "claimed" ultra powerful pistol of Russian Federal Protective Service (our Secret Service equivalent) Looking like outdated Ruger prototype! Forgotten weapons: Russian pistol forbidden in the U.S. :) :)

Both offered here 'without comment' at this moment. Quarter century ago, 'working', I was treated to a table display of then yet-current Soviet era weapons. The above weapons likely post that nineties detente era! If/when I come across my pix of such, I'll post. But nothing extraordinary/exotic/particularly notable to my recollection!

I'd LIKE to 'consider' sending 'Russia Beyond" a reply link to this Thread reflecting whatever relevant "American response" comments..'. IF the entire collection is civil/courteous and on point. Skeptical & frank critique totally acceptable; rudeness/coarse language not! All up to you guys! However, since this journal is multi-national, IF responses ever published (really unlikely), it could suggest the face of American gun owners/shooters. Disclaimer: Myself, no connects to Journal other than subscribed reader. Era 97 to '00, living/working with Russian & Ukrainian national police under US State Dept auspices. Resulting in-laws & yet many old, long-retired, colleagues there.
Best & Stay Safe!
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