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dou 45 'Arthur' 8mm mauser
dot 45 'Ben hur" 7.62 NATO/.308
94/14 'shorty' 6.5x55 Swedish
Conclusion. ill elk hunt in it. ill even steel head fish in it. plain Jane target shooting? once a month just to shake the rust off till spring. LOL
it sure doesn't effect the rifles much.
did two quick strings of 5 rapid at 50 meters.
any variation is due to using different ammo for each 5 rd string.
the 200 meter target is buried in snow so no real shooting till this melts.
everything goes slow. the prep, the set up, and the shooting. it was a lot more work just getting there. this could effect someones shooting if they weren't prepared or dressed for this. my hands were getting numb at the end....
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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