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You have plenty of options available to you...
1.) As mentioned by Fushigi Ojisan, you can keep the Redfield base and use any sight designed to fit it. Redfield Palma is a top notch sight, though they're getting pricey. Expect to pay $150 and up.
2.) Go vintage an use a sight designed for your Speed Lock model 52. You could use a Lyman 48J (like Raul's, BTW love that Balvar scope!), one of the Wittek Vaver sights (they made 2-3 models for your 52), Marbles-Goss built a nice sight and even Parker-Hale offered one (very hard to find). I'd start by looking up Gary Feller's latest ad in SGN or Gun Digest (ex Gun List). Or you can go to his website @ to get a listing of sights. He's been around forever and has a good reputation. Me, I have a Vaver sight on my 52B. Gotta love that cool micrometer dial!
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