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Tonight I looked at a Win mod 75.
I thought it may be a good rifle for one of my daughters if they decide to get into the local club.

Anyway, I am finding conflicting info on them.
This one has a wide forearm with a multi hole sling rail, has the front swivel (I assume the rail could be used for a handstop as well?)
No markings on the stock to indicate military use, the stock looks as new walnut.
The rifle is parked.
Barrel is heavy.
Front and rear Lyman sights with 4 wide spaced drilled and tapped holes in the barrel (for an old school scope?)

Sorry, I couldn't get any pics.

My question I suppose is this, is this a reworked trainer?
Were they drilled and tapped from the factory?
Is it worth $350 even if it is a rework?

I know it's tough without pics, any advice would be appreciated though.

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Thanks for the replies.

I haven't picked it up yet, told him I'd let him know in a day or two.
The parkerizing had me wondering, I had seen 75's before but always blued.

What would be "original" peep sights?
The Lyman's on this one look period and have the same patina as the the rest of the gun.

Winchesters have never really been my thing so I'm a bit lost on this 22.
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