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Winchester 69A failure to extract, but ...

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I had this "bolt less" 69 and I finally got a bolt for it. So, I took it to a range. Everything, looked fine: rifle was clean, bolt looked good-slightly tight, scope bore sighted, and I was expecting a pleasant day on the range.

I fired a first shot, hole was on the paper, but than ... bolt was stuck, so I applied pressure and opened it. However, the shell was still inside, I worked the bolt a couple of times and got a shell about 3mm out and took it out with a screwdriver. I tied 3 different kinds of ammo and still the same result.

Extractors seems to be fine, it extracts live ammo, but expanded shell are a different story.

I took a brush, scrubbed a chamber a improvement. Brushed some more, put some oil and still nothing.

Any ideas what is wrong if it?

Thank you Rusnak
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another issue

I'm having a similar issue with the same rifle, except the bolt sticks even when its empty. It was working fine when I dusted it off a month ago but since then its come and gone. It only sticks (I can move it but it can take a lot of force to lift the lever up and the amount needed changes a bit) after a the bolt locked down and the trigger is pulled. Othere oddities that happen at the same time, sometimes the firing pin wont catch the trigger as the bolt comes forward and when whatever causes it to stick is doing so, as long as I don't pull the trigger the bolt can but cycled significantly more smoothly then normal operation. I did a full breakdown of the bolt when I first noticed it was sticking to clean it and I did not see any rust, and while I was not looking for it did not notice any unusual wear.
And sometimes it will operate normally. I do not know what changes between good and bad operation.
As far as I know I got it all original. My uncle who gave it to me is the original owner and did not do much with it since he was a kid and I have fired it successfully as it is.
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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