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Winchester was making .303, 9mm, .45ACP & 7,92 Military ammo well into the 1960s, for all sorts of Customers (Israel, Indonesia, many African states, some European (allies) and so on. Winchester (Olin Industries) assisted Greece in Modernizing the Piraeus Plant of PCH, to produce .303 (single flash-hole and Ball Powder) in the 1960s, as part of the US Offshore Procurement Program ( PCH made .30/06 and 7,62 Nato to US Specs...better known now as "HXP").

Most countries didn't want "Milsurp" of uncertain age, storage condition, or "ownership"...they wanted New ammo, with definite specs and provenance.

Most of this "Post-WW II" ammo was marked in a Military manner,(WRA + but some was just WRA "Commercial "(no dates)


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