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Winchester 22cal model 03

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I need help finding out the age and value on a 22 cal semi-auto rifle. It says it is a Winchester Model 03 .22cal automatic. Tube fed, loads in the right side of the stock. Bolt opens with rod on tip of forend, fixed front sight, rear seems to be adjustable (small screw just past rear sight grove). I think this is the serial# 181**. But I'm not positive, any feedback will be very helpful, Thanks!!!
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Chambered for the .22 Winchester Automatic Rimfire. Pricey and had to find. Some have come in from South America through Navy Arms. The 1903 was made from 1903 to 1932 with 126,000 made. Price List (take it for what it's worth) exc-$850 to fair-$200.

Hope this helps.
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