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Winchester 1897 Dilemma

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Hi, folks!
I just got in two Winchester 1897's worth of parts. Both are in awful condition, and will be a fun project. I am thinking about turning one into a trench gun replica, and keeping the other original. However, I'm at an impasse as to which to modify. One has a 30 inch barrel, and been stripped of all of its original finish, with very little pitting on the barrel and receiver. The other has a 26 inch barrel ("MOD" stamped) and its original finish, but is (very) heavily pitted and has deep gouge-like scratches on the barrel and receiver.

Given those criteria, would you modify the 30 inch, the 26 inch? I am planning on modifying one of them because I doubt either have real collector value, but I want the input of people here!
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1 - 1 of 21 Posts
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