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Winchester 1200 12ga Pump Shotgun (USED)

Price: $250.00

Model Overview

The Winchester Model 1200 is a 20-inch, 12-gauge, manually operated, slide action shotgun. The slide action, also known as a pump-action, means that the shotgun has a moving bolt system which is operated by a "wooden or composite slide called the fore-end". The fore-end is located on the underside of the barrel and moves front to back. The weapon can hold a maximum of five rounds total with four in the tubular magazine and one in the chamber. It has a hammerless action which means that there is no external hammer spur. There is only a firing pin which strikes the primer on the shell to ignite the powder in the round. The Model 1200 is a takedown type of shotgun; meaning that it can be taken apart for easy storage and transportation.

The Model 1200 was the first shotgun to utilize a rotary bolt with four locking lugs secured within the barrel extension. The 1200 was Winchester's first shotgun to incorporate the company's patented Winchoke system, a quick change tube to allow the easy replacement of chokes.

◦Type: Pump Action
◦Caliber: 12 Gauge
◦Barrel Length: 20"
◦Capacity: 4+1
◦Condition: Used with minor scracthes and wear (as seen in pictures)


By Federal law, we can only ship firearms to an FFL licensed gun dealer Check all local laws and regulations before purchasing

When purchasing a firearm Email a copy of your FFL to [email protected] or fax a copy to 937 459 5434

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