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Here's what it says on the website. We know there were more than "only a few customers that were affected", so if your card was hacked and you haven't sent them an email about it, please do so.
Like he said, if you had a problem, let them know.

To all our customers.

Data breaches are all too common in these times, and unfortunately, we have become a victim of one. We have been hard at work determining what happened and doing everything we can to make sure it doesn’t happen again. Here’s a summary of what we have discovered and what we have done about it:

Just prior to February 16th, there was a brute force attack on the site that we now believe allowed access to some customer credit card information. Fortunately, we keep very few customer records in our on-line database. Since there is very little information on the site, exposure is minimized just in case something like this ever happens. We were alerted to this potential breach by a few customers, and we are fortunate that it was so small.

When our internet provider later discovered the attack, we immediately took action to prevent unauthorized access. Since that time, we have further tightened security. We have also performed internal audits to insure all our in-house systems are free of problems.

At this point, we believe we have identified only a few customers who were affected by the incident, and we have done everything possible to prevent recurrence of this activity. If you suspect you have had a problem due to doing business with us, please let us know immediately. We sincerely apologize for any difficulty this has caused.

Stan Widener
President, Widener’s Reloading & Shooting Supply, Inc.

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Kudos to Widener's for stepping up and admitting the problem. I have not bought from them for some time. Being broke is a good way to avoid card fraud. :p

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Its enough to get a lawsuit very quickly. I am glad they decided to let everyone know.

Things like this have me thinking I will take Cash,Check or Money Order's only once my business is up and running.
I've always had good customer service from Wideners ONCE I actually get ahold of them....which can take forever.

If they know about this and haven't warned everyone who ordered in the time period in question, that's not only disappointing, its enough to never give them a dime again.

People in this thread seem to be lucky and caught it early, but not everyone will....


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