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Like others here I purchased quite a bit of the Turk 8mm ammo from Century circa 2005-2006. I remember the price being closer to four cents a round, shipping included, when the order was $300 or more. (Or was the minimum for paid shipping an order totaling at least $400? I can’t recall with certainty. Whatever the free shipping threshold was, it wasn’t that much and it made it easier to rationalize increasing the size of the order.)

When you consider the resale value of the stripper clips, fourteen in every bandolier, plus the scrap value of the fired brass, the price was probably less than three cents a round for bright and shiny sure fire 8mm. Delivered to your door,

That’s the part that always amazed me when I came home to find three or four hundred pounds of ammo sitting on my porch.

I don’t have much sympathy for those who didn’t have the foresight and common sense to jump on this opportunity back then but I do feel sorry for those who were too young or those adults who weren’t gun owners in that timeframe.

Paying dollars per round every time you pull the trigger? That’s horrible. 🙁
300 to 400 pound of ammo on your porch. I bet the porch pirates would get Hernias trying to steal that. I remember getting a ammo shipment and it was a really small lady struggling with the shipment to get it to me so I had to go help her. My wife was not amused.
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