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ladies and gents....
here is two reasons why i keep even rc's as they are.
one. is a (mauser tear) or was a semi matching ce42, somebody ran a truck? over.$100? bent barrel. i got a south american barrel for $40, smith barrel replacment job was say 75? (im going to miss my jar-head smith) and a matching! ha ha bubbed stock for $25. so thats $165. lets go $200 to make a point. now ive got to bubba my a$$ off yet to get it shooting.
bore is MINT. outside is a bit pitted.
as you can see from the target, I was right in my assesment, the barrel twist is tight for a 7mm and when i went to a long heaver bullet, now its not spraying anymore,its the fit and fair, (note the 'fish hooks' pattern in the left target) nothing but parts. all this is out there. cheep. and ill get it shooting.. im going to go up more on bullet weight. say 168gr match. after i get to bubba that stock more. fun, you get to bubba, AND you aint ruining anything.
two. this is gonna be MINE. an already done mauser. a parker hale .308. bore mint. i think its $400. sweet rifle. just some leopold mounts, and i was looking at a redfield scope, (both redfield and leopold scopes are now made in portland oregon) it looks cool. right out of 'snows of kilamanjaro'.... and with hornday 'light magnums' ill go right up to elk.
go ahead and make an 'ss sniper' out of your mauser!!!, and ill get it cheep in a year or two.
now replacing a band or polishing the trigger sear is cool but just LEAVE IT be, and youll get your $$ back.
the wasr? it did better with 'golden bear' hunting ammo. but still a russian 'fire hose' ha ha ha.


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