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Who will ship to the UK?

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I have a UK gun licence but am new to this forum and to BP shooting and am looking to buy my first BP revolver from a dealer in the USA. The reason is that I am told by my gun dealer here that there is currently some difficulty in getting supplies of Italian replicas - partly due, he says, to a bias for supplying US gun dealers! Hence my quest.
I have asked Cabela and Taylor's and Co who say they do not ship here, and am waiting on Dixie Gun Works for a reply. In the meantime, any of you guys out there got suggestions?
(Of course, I realise I cannot have such a weapon shipped to me direct)
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In France you can buy one and walk out the door. I believe they want to see some kind of identity document, but that is just the shop's preference for selling to people with no reason to be afraid to show an identity document. Cap and ball revolvers are uncontrolled and unregistered there, with just the same status as antiques.

What you HAVE TO CHECK UP ON WITH CUSTOMS but I believe to be true, is that you can bring it into the UK with you. If not, I think you can post it to yourself from France. The other big benefit of France is that the £18 limit for duty-free import doesn't apply to imports from within the EC.

Needless to say, you should only do this if you already have a variation for this firearm on your firearm certificate. You could get caught. Eurostar always x-rayed passengers' baggage, and so may anybody else by now. I would write up the details in the space for firearms acquired, in the last minutes before leaving French soil.

Another issue is the regulations imposed by ferry companies, Eurostar etc. Breaking these might not be an offence, if you can count on anything not being an offence these days. But it might stop you using their services again.

The above is emphatically not a guide to what you can do without further inquiries. but it might give an idea where you ought to be looking.

Proof is mandatory when a dealer passes a gun to a member of the public, even if the latter has paid for it. You, in turn, can't sell a non-British proved firearm to anyone except a dealer. But it isn't mandatory to own and use one.
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Are you sure? I got this from the Birmingham Gun Barrell Proof House:

Italy are one of the member nations.

But I also wonder whether the Italians would proof the export arms to the States.

As for the French connection, I don't even want to go there.
I think that is correct, although the Birmingham Proof House probably tells you who is currently a member, or shows you where to find out.

They aren't above slanting their opinions in a direction that makes extra business for themselves, in a country with a gunmaking industry that can't really support two proof houses. They claim it is necessary to reprove a firearm with a sound suppressor (fairly freely available in the UK) when one is fitted. But I know one case where they "proved" and marked one for a bullet diameter that couldn't possibly have passed through it.
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