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I have noticed that on here a few posters have POF Enfield rifles, I have been looking for one for some time and other than Century, who doesn’t have them in stock and does not expect to get any more, I haven’t see any listed for sale – either at dealers or PP.

Well, I missed the Century boat. I found mine on
Paid less then Century was selling them for. I had asked the question on this forum and the other Enfield forum. All the Century POF Enfields look like they came from India. If Century bought them from Pakistan, they sould have lots more. I think they came out of an Indian sale. But Century isn't talking.

Found my sales slip,this guy had another 29 Aug 07. My rifle came from:

Timothy Vaughn
Tims guns and Surplus
5600 W Kentucky Ave
Lakewood Co, 80226-4760

Hope that helps.
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