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Which Should I Get?

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I've been looking for a nice m38 to add to my collection for awhile now. Turns out the local pawn/gun shop has a good m38 but the stock is refinished and ruined, the price tag on it said $150. Next to the m38 is a m44 in excellent condition with all stamped matching numbers and is not counter-bored; price tag for the m44 is $170.

So, do I get the m38 and find a new stock? Or see if the shop will swap the stock with another m44 before I buy it? Is the m44 too nice to pass up? I could try to find a dealer to order a m38 from a distributor sight unseen, or I could just wait it out?

Whaddaya think?
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Too much for the conditions you described. I would wait.

I bought a M-38 sight unseen and was very pleased with the piece. If you buy from a sponsor, you will not be disappointed.:D
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