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Which one: 8mm or 6.5mm?

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Which one: 8mm or 6.5mm?

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If you wanted to buy a 91/41 for a collector and a shooter but had to choose between two rifles that were pretty much identical except one is in 8mm, which one would you get and why?

I'm thinking 8mm is cheaper ammo to shoot and there is also the possibility of a rarer gun if you believe the story about the Italians conforming to German ammo standards during the war, but to the contrary I've also read that 8mm conversions were actually postwar...(?) On the other hand, 6.5mm is truly Italian, but the downside is ammo cost.
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Buyers beware

There are a few (VERY rare) late German conversions of the M. 91/41 rifle around, and also some fakes. One crook tried to peddle such a fake here on Gunboards some time ago. Our creep had done his (subjective) best to emulate the pictures in Darrin Weaver's book, but the best was not good enough. 8)

So, Carcano, can I safely assume if an 8mm 91/41 is the real deal then it would have a higher collector's value than a standard one?
Yes, a definitely higher one. That is, if you are using the term M. 91/41 correctly. Give us a more thorough description of the gun and its markings.

I see 792 on the barrel but it could have been done postwar for Middle East export.
No, couldn't.

Thank you for the nice pictures. I cannot help noting that they very elegantly gloss over the important and telltale parts of the weapon, which are either not shown at all, or not in detail :).

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