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.......were in common use with the U.S. Signal Corps in the fall of 1914?

Hello Gents,

I've waded through lots of websites and just about all of them want to jump to the Wright 1909 Military Flyer to the lawsuits filed by the Wright Brother's in an attempt to protect their patents. In between one can find info on each new model developed, i.e. the Wright Model's B, C, D, F and G, I have been unable to pin down which model was in use by the U.S. Army in the fall of 1914?

I must say it was an interesting search! While I was aware of the early use of aircraft for reconnaissance by Pershing's "Punitive Expedition" into Mexico, I had never realized that Pancho Villa had hired pilots and aircraft during the Revolution to fly on his behalf?

Any help with the aircraft in U.S. military service in the fall of 1914 would be greatly appreciated.

Warmest regards,


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S.C. No.Date acquiredAircraft typeDate disposedHow disposedNotes
nonenot acquiredWright A17 Sep 1908destroyeddelivered 1 Sep 1908, fatal crash during acceptance trials (Selfridge)
12 Aug 1909Wright A4 May 1911retireddonated to Smithsonian Institute
none21 Feb 1911Wright B21 Jun 1911returned to ownerleased from Robert J. Collier
227 Apr 1911Curtiss D24 Feb 1914grounded as unsafe2 fatal crashes (G. Kelly and Park)
restored and displayed at NASM
327 Apr 1911Wright B24 Feb 1914grounded as unsafe
41 Jul 1911Wright B28 Sep 1912destroyedfatal crash (Rockwell, Scott)
5Oct 1911Burgess F24 Feb 1914grounded as unsafe
627 Jul 1911Curtiss E24 Feb 1914grounded as unsafetrainer with 40 hp engine, swapped engines with S.C. No. 2
721 Mar 1912Wright B28 Aug 1913wreckedPhilippines
819 Mar 1912Curtiss E12 Nov 1914soldHawaii
912 Aug 1912Burgess H27 May 1914wrecked
10 (1)not acquiredWright C11 Jun 1912destroyedfatal crash during acceptance trials (Welsh, Hazelhurst)
10 (2)by 26 Oct 1912Wright C9 Feb 1914destroyedfatal crash (Post)
113 Oct 1912Wright C8 Jul 1913destroyedfatal crash (Call)
12by Nov 1912Wright C14 Nov 1913destroyedfatal crash Philippines (Rich)
1321 May 1913Wright C17 Sep 1913destroyedPhilippines
14by 26 Oct 1912Wright C24 Nov 1913destroyedfatal crash (Ellington, H. Kelly)
1527 Nov 1912Curtiss F8 Apr 1913condemnedfatal crash (R. Chandler)
1622 Nov 1912Wright C24 Feb 1914grounded as unsafe
17Jan 1913Burgess I12 Jan 1915destroyedPhilippines
18Jan 1913Burgess J4 Sep 1913destroyedfatal crash (Love)
193 May 1913Wright D24 Feb 1914grounded as unsafeexperimental
206 Jun 1913Wright D2 Jun 1914retiredexperimental
2128 Aug 1913Curtiss G12 Nov 1914soldHawaii
221 Dec 1913Curtiss Gunk dateunk
2321 Oct 1913Curtiss E24 Feb 1914grounded as unsafebuilt in San Diego from spare parts
24Nov 1913Burgess Hunk dateunk
25Nov 1913Burgess Hunk dateunk
26Jan 1914Burgess H20 Aug 1915condemnedsold 1916
2715 May 1914Burgess H25 Aug 1915condemnedsold 1916
2825 May 1914Burgess H25 Aug 1915condemned
2924 Jun 1914Curtiss J21 Dec 1914destroyedfatal crash (Gerstner)
312 Jul 1914Martin TOct 1916condemnedDamaged beyond repair in a ground accident on 20 April 1915

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WOW! Thanks Geladen!

I ran multiple searches focusing on the Wright Brothers, 1914, Wright military aircraft etc. and came across the Signal Corps as being the recipient, but like a [email protected]$$, didn't do a "Signal Corps" specific search!

Thank you! Thank you!! Thank you!!!

This is exactly what I needed!

Warmest regards,


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Interesting - only 31 (or 34 if the ones lost during acceptance trials and not acquired on strength and the leased bird are counted) total procurement through mid-1914, and around 17 or 18 still on strength at any time during 1914. Looks like they must have have had a mass recommissioning on February 24, i count 7 grounded as unsafe on that date. And on strength at the end of the year - 5 for sure and possibly 8 (those three with unknown dates of disposition).
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