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Which Die to use to reload 9mm Largo ammo?

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In using a set of dies other than actual 9mm Largo for reloading 9mm Largo rounds, which would be preferrable - 9mm Luger dies OR 38 ACP/38 Super dies?​
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If you click on this composite image it shows the dimensions of the three cartridges in question. It seems that the INNER dimensions as well as the taper case closest to 9mm largo seems to be 9mm para...however the length is definitely closest to 38 Super. Would not the 9mm dies set either screwed down or out (can't figure out which way to go) would be best. But this goes against the common wisdom of substituting 38 Super dies...even Lee says on their website that 9mm Largo = 38 Super for substituting dies.
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1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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