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Romanian 7.62x25 suggested

I just received a Romanian spam can of 7.62 x 25 ammo from Aim Surplus and it was manufactured in 1985 - certainly much newer than the Bulgarian and Polish sources produced in the 1950s. A 1224 round can for $120 ($136 delivered) - about as reasonable as I have found for dependable surplus in this caliber. All the Soviet Bloc surplus is corrosive, but after shooting at the range, running through a diluted ammonia patch followed by dry patching, will remove any pitting concerns until normal cleaning.

Keep a lookout at gun shows for Norinco (Chinese; 60 rd yellow box) manufactured in the 90s; this ammo shoots well, is listed as non-corrosive, and should be less expensive than S&B, Wolf, etc.

Have a good time with your fire breather! :D
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