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Where have all the PSL magazines gone?

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Seriously, where in the Hell did all mags go for PSL/FPK 7.62x54r??!! Used to see the 4 packs for sale everywhere for $100-125, now I can barely find a single mag for $40-50! Did the train leave and nobody told me to get on? OH well :eek:
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I have 5 or 6 that I got with a PSL 54C that I just bought, 2 are worth using the bullet will hit the front of the mag and lock up the rifle. I saw some site that had the same looking pouch and the mags for 125 bucks . I think those are the ones that need work. The front of the mag has no bevel no anything just a flat piece of metal that the bullet is supposed to clear somehow. They all look the same from the outside, look at the edge of the front of the mag where the round feeds into the chamber it is above the front of the bullet. It is really obvious with a round in it. A little bend and a little filing will probably cure it though.
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