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Where do you get your Star's?

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Hi Star people! Glad I found this forum, looks like a great resource.

I have a Star BM that I bought many years ago, the gun sat neglected for many years, but last week I took it to the range and fired a few boxes of ammo with it, and really was a great experience, I forgot what a sweet shooting little chunk of a handgun that is the BM.
That got me thinking, since they're not making them anymore, I'd like to pick up another. I'm mostly inter interested in as close to near NIB condition that is possible. I was looking through some of the completed listings on gunbroker, and saw that a few NOS BM's sold in November for a pretty reasonable price, but not much else in the last year, so it would seem, that at least on GB, excellent condition BM's are few and far between.
I'd love to hear from some of the members here regarding their experiences procuring BM's. Where do you look? gun shops, auction sites, gun shows?
Also, does anyone carry a BM as a CCW? Any drawbacks besides the weight? currently I carry a plasticky 9, the BM has me intrigued as a carry piece, but I am very careful when choosing a handgun a legal concealed carry piece. I don't really see any problems with carrying the BM in condition 1, but like to hear your opinions.
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As far as finding Star pistols goes I look in pawn shops, gun stores, and gun shows. The last two Stars I found were a model 1914 (gun show find) used by the French in WW1 and a model 1921 (pawn shop find) used by the Spanish Gaurdia Civil. I also bought a Star BKM (gun show find) the alloy frame version of the BM. It looked new and had the box, papers, and accessories with it.

I don't care for the internet auction format for selling guns so I don't use it. Considering all the greedy and even some con artist salesmen I've run into at gun shows and gun stores, I want to see what I'm getting before I agree to buy it. Also, If they want to sell it to me they can negotiate a price instead of making me get into a bidding war and if I buy it I leave with it when I pay for it. No give me your money and I'll send it to you when I can or surprise its not what you were expecting.

If you are going to carry your BM I would check to see if you have an inertia firing pin. They are safer to carry if you drop your gun. The extractor has also been known to cause problems on the BM. If I were going to carry anything made by Star I would choose one of their more modern guns like the 30PK, 31PK, or Ultrastar and maybe a Firestar. However, If you want to prove what a man you are to the ladys, strap on a Megastar in a Thunderwear holster.
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