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Where are the 30rd FAL or L1A1 mags?

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I have been everywhere looking, does anyone know where I might find one?
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30 round mags: NOT FAL

The 30 round mag phenomenon is not an FAL item. It was designed for use with 7,62 Converted Bren Guns and heavy-barreled L2/C2 ARs.
Makers of Curved 30s are (Inch) Britain and Straight 30s (Inch) Canada and Australia.

The Australians as well, used the 30 on SF-use in Vietnam for forward scouts ( an L1A1, fitted with a 30 round mag and a L2A1 selector switch, for full on rapid fire on Contact...a 20 or 30 round burst of 7,62 does wonders as covering fire for the rest of the patrol. ( recounted by a vet with three tours on SF duty). The rifles concerend were also "shortened" (Barrel reduced to minimum compatible with gas operation.).

IN Australia, the 30s were delivered in modified Bren magazine chests.( as in Britain).

Doc AV
AV Ballistics.
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1 - 1 of 18 Posts
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