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Deer limits

In WV it depends on how many "extra" tags you want to pay for.
There is a total, but I cannot recall what it is at the moment. A few years ago, with the proper tags for a resident, you could legally take up to seven, depending on where you hunted in the state.
On a regular resident hunting license, it depends on the county and even then, some counties are archery only, some split buck & doe harvests on an imaginary boundry mark, other counties and cities are actually having special, or extra/extended seasons to thin the herds.
There's an urban hunting permit being issued in a few cities, with restrictions.
There's a maze of a website that you can wade through to get even more confused.
Just search for WVDNR then click on game hunting regulations.
Most of the season start dates are geared toward the independently wealthy or the unemployed.
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