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I figured to bring up a nice little topic to share interest in.:) What is your favorite code and/or date of the Mauser Kar.98ks? It may be what you have, or want to get... Heres mine in order,

1. S/42 1937 and 1938
2. S/237 1936-38
3. bsw 1939
3. bcd 1943, 1944, and 1945
4. swp 1945
5. dot 1944
6. ce 1941 and 1942
7. dou 1944
8. ax 1940 and 1941
9. svw 1945

Best Regards,

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My flavor changes over time. At one time byf45 was my favorite, then svw45, then dou45, then swp45. It all depends on what I am chasing?

I guess right now my favorite is bcd4, only because you find guns from all of the makers with that code ;)

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I also bounce around based on current interest. I have always liked the late dou and dot/swp45 guns, my current interest is byf45. In fact, byf in general. Funny how that works. A bcd45 has been on my list forever. I have never had one, I've had most other post-44 code/dates, to include a few tough ones. Of course, the bcd45 would have to be a LSR sniper. Any late snipers are of particular interest.


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Favorite 98k

Hi Guys:
I like the early ones with the walnut stocks, particularly "K"
dates. I have a non-RC S/42K but it's mismatched. I also need
a 1938 and 1939, they I'll have one for every year they were
made. It would also be nice if the 38 or 39 were Kreigsmarine

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ha ha ha

I like how he asks what your "favorite" is and many, to include himself ... lists several. Does not "what is your favorite" indicate .. a single answer?? Just an observation

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