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Whats this 8x57 ?

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I was rummaging around the house and came across this stuff the other day. No idea where I got it or how long I've had it. Anybody know the origin? Headstamp reads T C (with what looks like a flaming bomb symbol between the T C ) and 7.9 F.S 1951.
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It is Turkish manufacture.

THIS is the stuff you should not fire in a semi-auto rifle that you don't want to break. I speak from experience here.
Ronbo6; Thanks for that. I'm guessing that its loaded on the hot end of the scale? Its probably corrosive then too?
I wish I had a semi in 8x57! I ran some through an M-48 yugo. It was dirty!
The Turkish stuff is generally loaded quite hot, with a very slow burning powder that gives you nasty high gas port pressures in a semiauto gun.

I cracked the firing pin carrier in my G43 putting this stuff through it. Once I save up for a weld repair to the carrier, the rifle will be fine.

The stuff also seems to have significantly higher than normal round-to-round variations in muzzle velocity.

I suspect this is the reason you could get this stuff for only about $5.00 for a 70-round bandoleer (with stripper clips) just a few years ago. It is a lot more expensive now, but no better quality.

Yes, it is corrosive.

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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