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I have a Remington 1903A3 rifle that is in pristine condition and is truly a tack driver. Today I did some research on its markings and had a question about its history. Here goes.

1. The barrel is dated 12-43. Raritan Arsenal (RA) is also stamped just above that.

2. On the left side of the grip on the stock is the Raritan Arsenal stamp along with FJA ( LtCol Frank J. Atwood inspector )....I'm starting to have no doubt in my military mind that this has been rebuilt and they didnt want anyone to be confused if it had or hadnt....ha.

3. Just in front of the trigger guard is the letter P within a circle, with another P nearby. The first indicates the initial test firing and the second indicates that it has been rebuilt.

4. Also stamped into the stock is OG, Ogden Arsenal.

5. The serial number goes 41XXXXX.

My question is this, by observing all these rebuild marks was this weapon thoroughly thrashed at one time that it required a complete rebuild twice during its service? Would like some knowledgable feedback so I can learn as much about this rifle as I can. From what I read online today, the Army and the Marine Corps continued to used 1903A3's even after the M1's had been fielded.

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