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Whats the correct type of sling?

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G'day All.
Well My FR8 turned up at the dealers today and i spent most of the afternoon playing with it , Sadly it cannot come home YET because of our draconian gun laws and so it stays until I get a police "Permit to Aquire" about 2 weeks...

SOOO. Its time to get all the associated goodies ie. Sling & Bayonet . Already put down a bid for the bayo on Eprey now I would like to know what type of sling would be correct for this rifle.

Now I know why the love affair with these guns .
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They are cool rifles but watch your thumb when working the bolt. Do not grab the bolt knob and work the bolt , your thumb will hit the rear sight. A less painful method is use an open palm lift and pull , then push back and down. Wacked my thumb a time or two before I learned.
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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