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What's the cleanest, fastest 9x18 fmj?

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Who makes the cleanest, highest velocity 9x18 fmj? I was looking at Prvi, Fiocchi, or S&B.

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I think the most data has been posted on the stickies of the Mak forum by NB. Good info. I haven't shot Fiocchi or S&B too much since they got very expensive, but I remember S&B being clean and Fiocchi too. Prvi is very good ammo also. Look at NB's data to get the velocities you want since he chronos everything posted. I remember seeing a website with S&B fmj going through 14" of ballistic jell and some wood after that I think.... Maybe I am remembering wrong but do a search for ballistics the mak dot com portion of the board to find out some good info.

Oh just found this old link posted on the board a long time ago, it was more than 14"!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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