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Try to send it to one of the small wretched FOBs, not the big bases like Balad or Kirkuk.... they ransack everything meant for the grunts!!! By the time our infantry battalion got shipments they only had LDS romance novels [people meant well] , diet top-ramens and DVDs on food processing [tax write offs?]

The big bases have pizzereas, Burger Kings, Subways, Baskin Robbins, free libraries [with books, mags, DVDs, even newspapers], swimming pools, PX/BXs, loose females, churches, christmas trees, game halls, basketball courts, etc.

The small FOBs... get a "combat jack" in the outhouse. Send them hunting and firearms mags, car or truck mags, FMs [ask a Joe if you don't know] if you know the guys, and they like it. Good history books. Any type of comedy or action DVDs. Good jerkey [the stuff made at the local meat shop, not Wal-Mart], peanut M&Ms, nice candy bars.... NOT charms or skittles!! they are in the MREs!!

There are those new comix dramas like Sin City, ask your 18 year olds. The same with music. Death Metal, Rap, Punk, HipHop, Grindcore, and CW. No Emo! That is for pogues/REMFs. A chess game never hurt.

Send over mouthwash replaced by vodka and food coloring. Only USAF, Blackwater and SF get booze.

Baby wipes are holy for those MRE sharts, and even if he doesn't chew, he can trade or share with his bros. Good cigars too.

THE STUPIDEST THING IS THOSE FLEA COLLARS!!! I saw them on those lists. This is a dangerous urban legend, ask a medic. They will FUBAR your nervous system. outhere
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