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What size clips for retaining FCG pins?

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Put a tapco G2 in my SAR. Figured i would replace with retainer plate but of course the holes dont seem to be in the right spot exactly and the plat will not hold the trigger pin in tight. It's not the plate i tried it on another ak. And because the shepards crook is the most aweful thing ever made i buggered it up real bad taking it out. I did get it back in but it is popping out of the little slot after few shots.

My question is what size are the little banna clips that you can use as that seems to be my only option at this point. Can they be found at hardware store?
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Tried a couple different sizes and styles of clips and went back to shepards crook. If its tight its the only thing that wouldn't come out and bollix up the works. The hairpin style were by far the worst but I also had e clip problems.

Here's a good tutorial on the Shepards Crook:
Page 4 has a couple installations and I prefer Method 2 as the most secure.
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