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What model Merkel?

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I have a Merkel over/under 16 guage, with two sets of barrels. The first set is 16ga over 16 gauge, the second set is 16 gauge over 8mm mauser rimmed. This barrel set has express sights, as well as the claw mounts for the included 4x scope. It was built in 1934, but I don't know what model it is. After trying to find some comparable guns, I think it may be a Model 201, but that's pretty much a guess on my part. I've attached several pictures. Also, what would be a reasonable value for the gun, including scope, leg of mutton case, etc., as shown in the pictures? It's overall in very good shape, the bores are clean and shiny, the scope is clear and the mounts are tight, and the wood is good with the exception of the one chip in the stock on the left side.
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I have the exact same set up that you have. I bought it a month ago. I do not know much about Merkels but I fell in love with when I picked it up. As to market value I can not give you any idea other than I paid $4500 for mine. Good deal or not I don't know but I wanted it. What is your serial number? maybe we have sisters. I will post some pics of mine in the next few days.

1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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