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Simple, not really..

... a "shooter" is for one, consistant in both function and accuracy (shooters sometimes out shine their peers). More so the former than the latter. A shooter shoulders like none of it's equals. It may have history beyond what we would like to know about or it may have no history at all. It may have a recent tale to tell about how it came to be in your possession.

It may well be "sportered" but fun to shoot none the less. You might even have to buy "factory" ammo for it.

The "shooter" in the group is the one you feel comfortable with. It's also the one you wouldn't be bothered too terribly much if it got another skratch or light dent.

It's the rifle you have far more time invested in than any such rifle of it's calibre or pedigree is worth .....but now it shoots where you aim it!! (WoHoo!!)

The "shooter" is the rifle you drag out when the kids or your friends come by for a friendly challange of "marksmanship"! Those rifles are heirlooms AND shooters!! **bigsmile** Or your buddies rifle you nickname "trigger" that's deadly accurate.

A "shooter" maybe one of those rifles that you had seen before on the rack of you favorite gunshop but had passed on it many times before. But! For some odd reason it found it's way home and low and behold the durn thing shoots to "point of aim" with those surplus loads that none of you other rifles do. Score!! It's a "shooter".

My .02 and I have a couple of "shooters" and very Thankful for the right and the blessings to have one or two of them!

Draybo : )
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