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I recently bought a GP WASR-10/63 from Classic Arms ( It cost $299 + $16 shipping, for a total of $315 delivered. Add to that the 450 rounds of Lapua ammo I bought from Southern Ohio Gun ( and I've got just around $400 into my new acquisition, including enough ammo to last more than a summer's worth of shooting!

As I said, mine is a GP WASR-10/63 with the triangle-with-an-arrow-in-it arsenal mark (rifle built from military parts; mine is all-matching, except for the cover) and a receiver date of 1971. Regardless of what you may have heard or read, mine - which was bought off the Internet, sight-unseen - is all straight (no canted sights/gas block/etc.) and shoots very well. It has a chromed barrel and came with a Tapco G2 trigger installed, which is a very nice, smooth trigger, as well as the requisite number of parts for 922r compliance. Also, mine is the 10-round lo-cap version, because I live in NJ and that's all that's legal here. However, the mags (it came with five!) fit tightly and there is no sign of wobble, which you also may have read about.

The wood on mine is as you'd expect and what you see on most WASR's: Laminated, more-or-less unfinished, but overall not bad looking. The metal had a couple of scratches in it when the rifle arrived, but hey, it's an AK -- It's not going to win any beauty contests, anyway!

I can recommend the WASR quite comfortably. I like mine, having put 90 rounds downrange so far without a single hiccup and with pretty good accuracy (once I figured out the sight picture) of around 4" at 100 yards.

For just over $300, it's very hard to beat a WASR as an introductory rifle to the AK platform. It will take all the aftermarket parts you want to slap on it and it's a heck of a lot of fun to shoot. I'd say go for one and then just enjoy going to the range -- Like I said, it's an AK. It's made to shoot, not stand in the safe looking pretty!
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