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I'll second the yugo's. The yugo is the red-headed step child of the ak world. A great rifle, sturdier and in my opinion better then most ak's. A folder of full stock will cost you less then 500. Ammo is coming down. Right now you can get yugo surplus 7.62x39 for about 200 for 1200 rds. THIS is the combo i would recommend.

Second would be a tantal or centerfire bulgarian AK-74. The ammo for them is a lot cheaper, at 1080 for 130.

But check a yugo out. Thicker stamped reciever, just stronger. Just for some reason they are not talked of as much or given the credit others are....

And WHY buy a wasr when for less then 100 bucks more you can get a dimpled reciever ak? Or, when for LESS money you can get a centerfire systems bulgy......
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