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I would start with a Romanian WASR 10 made at the Cugir factory which is a value AKM clone in 7.62x39. Its cheap at around $360-400(last I checked) but ammo is still expensive at $200-240 per 1k of commercial. x39 Hits hard and is said to have better penetration but lacks in total accuracy. Expect 2-5 inch groups at 100 depending on the rifle,ammo,conditions and how you shoot.

I started with a wasr10 and went all the way to AK47s.

Another option would be the AK74, also stamped, shoots the 5.45x39. Will likely get better accuracy, faster bullet but IMO atleast a lack of penetration you would get from the 7.62, it of course has less recoil and ammo is a little cheaper. Look at spending $400 or more.

Both would be good starting points.

Be sure to check for cant of the sight and gas block(meaning its not lined up correctly/at a odd angle as this can cause issues. usually sight cant is purely cosmetic.
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