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What holster is this?

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Hi, I bought a holster a few weeks ago, I was told it was a P38 softshell holster. It fits a P38 and spare mag like a glove. It is marked CVC 44, and is brown pigskin leather, but seems it was dyed a uniform brown. It is in nice shape, and has that old surplus leather smell (not new repro smell). I was all happy to discover it, until I saw somthing odd.... a cleaning rod pouch???

Can anyone confirm or disprove this to be a P38 holster? If not a P38 holster, what is it?


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It looks like a Czech CZ-52 holster. They used a letter code system for their manufacturers. Are you sure the date is 44 ?
99% sure its a 44. Look at the first 2 pics. There seems to be a space between the first CV and the last C. Do you think someone may have messed with it?
Just looked up CZ 52 holsters.... damn... almost identical. I may have been scammed.
There are an increasing number of holsters coming onto the market with that have false German marking on them. It has been easy to spot them in the past because of (1) the size, shape, and location of the markings, and (2) the fact that the WaA marking was not the one usd on the original holsters.

But the people are beginning to correct their errors.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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