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I think that the ARMY, by WWII, was using the same olive drab body and yellow lettering for HE that remains the standard. AP Shot was black IIRC, not sure of the lettering.

I have my Dad's BLUEJACKET'S MANUAL (10th Ed, 1940) and it illustrates and provides color coding for NAVY projectiles of that period. Includes a fold-out color plate that shows a cut-away of a 3" Shrapnel round, just like Mr. Metaka's.

Codes as follows (p.525):
Black - armor piercing
Slate - common (BP burster at that point in time)
White - Shrapnel
Unpainted - Target Practice
Yellow - Explosive D burster
Red - Gas
Green - Anti-aircraft and bombardment
Rounds with tracer had a white band

Inside the front cover, Dad noted in red ink "July 23, 1942", which was his wedding day; then in black ink his name; "Seaman S/C V-6"; "U.S.N.R.A.B."; "Dallas, Texas"; and then, again in red ink, "Discharged: Nov 30, 1945". It is to be noted that that particular book will NOT be leaving my possession any time soon, though i suppose at some point I willl need to pass it to my nephew (Dad's grandson).
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