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Hi Tom, I just got your message. My email address is:

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Good catch Tac. Tom, Suhl is a city in central Germany that has been a major arms producing area since at least the 17th Century, it was a major production center for military arms through the end of WWII and continues (I believe) to produce high quality sporting weapons. It was formerly part of communist East Germany.

I will post the pictures for you when I receive them.

Suhl is still THE centre for firearms manufacturing in central Germany - many of the most prominent gun-makers were founded there and are still there. A band of iron ores follows the fault dividing the Suhler Scholle from the sedimentary rocks to the Southwest, while the copper and silver deposits are to the northeast in the permian deposits above the Suhler Scholle. Southeast of town, there is a significant uranium deposit in the Buntsandstein. The metal processing of Suhl naturally led, during the Renaissance, to other major local industries, including gunsmithing and armoring. Suhl was a major producer of cannons throughout the seventeenth and subsequent centuries, and Suhl cannons were used by many European powers. A major arms company that was located in Suhl for almost 200 years was J.P. Sauer und Sohn GmbH, producer of hunting rifles, shotguns, and pistols such as the Sauer 38H until moving operations to Eckernförde at the end of WWII.

During the Cold War, the East German national shooting arena was located at Suhl and hosted many top-level competitions including the 1986 ISSF World Championships. Although surpassed in this respect in the unified Germany by the Olympic shooting centre at Munich, Suhl remains an important place to the sport. It hosts Germany's only school for armorers and a well equipped museum of weapons.

Suhl became famous after the division of post-war Germany for building the Simson moped.


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