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Getting near my pistols to sell & I found a long forgotten Nagant Sporter.
Can anyone tell me what a good one goes for price wise now?
It has a thumb rest for a right hand shooter on the grips
The cylinder was worn when I got with a 32acp cylinder so I just switched out.
Never fired it I don't see a date but it has a MO mark on the left side near the serial number.
And it is a Tula. The front & rear sights are adjustable on the 5 inch heavy barrel.
The date may be under the oversize grips near the large Tula star. Anyway it has a great blue finish on the revolver.

Took off the hand grips & the date 1945 showed up , but it is a single action only. The 32 acp cylinder closes up just like the orginal cylinder.

Edit for pictures.


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