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Western Auto Marlin 336

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I picked this up at the Grand Rapids Gunshow.I have been looking for a "Store Brand" Marlin lever action of some kind.I had money-may be the last time for that-and there was an older Man selling some of His hunting rifles.I have a soft spot for earlier Marlin 336-Glenfield and all those other store brands but I just wanted an example of one.Very plain but looks like walnut furniture.SN is AC41137.It looks like the orginal SN was 1137 and the AC4 is stamped quite a bit deeper than the last4 numbers.Wood has some dings and dents,some freckling of blue on receiver and barrel,The guy says he hunted with it and had bought it about 10 years ago from another guy.After some hand wringing and negoation I ended up with it for 255.00.It seems like a bit much for a Store brand 336 but I have been looking a while for one on AA and GB.I was lucky to have the cash and that I found it.For the most part prices there at the show were High,lots of 300-400 SKS semi autos.Passed up on a Remington 870 express pump with rifle sights/slug barrel with scope for 235.00 which I thought was a deal.Not much else on Marlins there
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Good find! I just this week found a Glenfield in good shape (had to cold blue some spots) for 200 at a small pawn shop here in Tn. I love the lever actions. I can throw it in the truck & no one says anything, but if it was an AK, someone would call the local LEOs.
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