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Went to the range Sunday (in a snowstorm).
Last Sunday (Dec. 21) I took my K98, M91/30, and my M44 for a trip to the range. Of course, it was snowing HARD, 20-30 mph left-to-right crosswind, and it was 15 degrees F.

Just average for up here in December.

The pic shows what I did at 100 yds with 5 rounds from each gun. The upper group is with the K98 equipped with a Scout mount that loosened up with each shot (LOCTITE next time). The right group is open sights with the M91/30. The lower left group is the M44, bayonet extended. The 8x57mm was milsurp of unknown type (150 gr. bullet), the 7.62x54r was some Polish light ball that I just received from AIM. I wasn't using a bench rest, just a picnic table and my elbones.

I just picked up an M91/59 today. I'll get out to the range with it as soon as possible.

BTW, the M44 made some NICE fireballs.......

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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