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Had a good think about this…..

After the handgun ban in ‘97 many, many dealers lost interest or couldn’t afford to stay in business so chances are that any dealers local to your dad no longer exist, along with their records.

I have seen no mention of a serial number so even if a transaction was recorded where do you start? There were a hell of a lot of Webley revolvers floating around.

Police wouldn’t tell you anything due to data protection.

If it stayed in the UK and it was de-activated you could not buy it from its current owner as it would have been deactivated to an old standard. It would have to be further deactivated then sent to either the London or Birmingham proof houses for a new certificate.

Question for the mods - does any record of the Jones account still exist (e-mail, location or did he ever pm other members?)

I reckon even Bilbo Baggins would think twice on embarking on this quest!

There is a national firearms register but it isn’t accurate.
Hello Blighty

Many thanks for taking the time to think about all this and to set it out. Yes - a quest that’s probably not worth embarking on. If I had a serial number I think it might make a difference, but probably not.

I don’t even know how my grandfather managed to have it in his possession. I’m serving and I don’t get to keep service weapons in my cupboard now, let alone after I will have retired. The sheer scale of the number of men being demobbed in 1918/1919 would have been huge, of course, so I suppose there would have been room for “administrative error” if you knew who to ask for one!
21 - 24 of 24 Posts