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I agree, GREAT story!
Who knew you could wake up on a clear May morning and have to wear a red mark on your forehead all day (from slamming your fist against it after reading THAT)?
Does anybody still not know the "WD" in WD40 stands for "water displacement (or maybe displacer?) and the "40" stands for the 40th formula they experimented with before they found the results they wanted?
It works great at two things, it displaces water like a champ and it burns.
If you wash your car's engine at the car wash and get water inside the distributor cap preventing a restart, WD40 sprayed inside the cap followed by wiping out with a paper towel will get the water right out and the engine will start.
The other thing it does well is act as a starting fluid sprayed into the inlet of the fuel induction system (of a gas burning engine).
It burns well enough to fire up a dry fuel system but will not vaporize like spilled gasoline and possibly flash into a dangerous under hood fire..
Lastly, it drys into a gummy residue that could be useful if you are trying to get some moving parts to stick to each other?
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