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I've used wd40 as a moisture dispersent on a few guns, lightly and no longer dripping and wiped down, just before I use a food style vacuum sealer to seal a emergency rifle or pistol in, sprayed while actions were removed from wood then reinstalled, still have a couple saturday night specials sealed up for some years with ammo. Generally done for a go to bug out bag in case of natural disaster, ya know, that sort of thing. Special attention to bores and critical surfaces. But this of course, with large numbers of guns, its expensive for the bags and the vacuum sealer, but not that much compared to the benefit. I did retrieve a rifle with wood furniture of this method after ten years inside of a bag, still good, unsure what would happen to fancy wood finishes on the valuable ones, I never experimented with a mosin, mauser, sks that still had finish on it, or a finish worth worrying about, though the sks I sealed up for 12 years had shellac, but I didn't just soak the rifle in wd40 before I sealed it still dripping, so dunno.

If I had to, I could vacuum pack all my critical guns, or errrrr, I used to, I should check, I mean, just in case I heard of a humongous hurricane coming my way someday, the key here is to have the types of rolls that you make your own sealed ends, not pre made bags, bolts removed or anything removeable that creates a sharp surface that can break the seal and sealed with the item. Double sealing is a safeguard against puncture, depending on how much knocking around said stored item may endure before placement.

And in case of court order to turn over his guns.... well, a person can buy a 110volt plasma arc inverter metal cutter(I have one that is 110/220volt capable, I mean, 220volt option is better, usual cost $400 to $600), air compressor, and turn the scrap metal over with serial numbers complete in a brand new shiny metal garbage can under the guise of just doing his bit to make sure guns are liberally taken off the "street", or they can be demilled so they are useless on the chamber and barrel areas underneath..
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