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One of National Review's reporters covered the recent D.C. protests during the Petraeus testimony. Here are some of the pictures he took. His commentary is on the link.

Somehow, I don't think this is a very "Ron Paul" kind of crowd...

There's something you don't see everyday. Exactly how left-wing do you have to be to please these people?

Liberals don't do a good job of staying "on message" in their rallys. And the premise here is insulting. It is ILLEGAL immigration, not "immigration" that is the problem and it wouldn't matter to me if blond Norwegians were illegally coming in, stealing jobs, faking social security numbers, filling up our jails, and driving without car insurance. I'd be just as pissed.

As the author points out, Nixon didn't start Vietnam and he was the one who started getting us out of there. Started getting us out of there just as we were in the process of winning it and securing a free South Vietnam for all time. I guess folks like this don't believe in criticizing Kennedy or Johnson, the father of the modern American welfare state.

Hmm, we should only fight wars so long as the other team agrees to wear easily recognizable uniforms and headgear? That'll simplify things! On a liberal forum a poster once pointed out that WWII didn't last as long as the Iraq War. I pointed out that if we could get the jihadists to wear fieldgrau, coal scuttle helmets and paint swastikas on their cars, I'd have the troops home in two months. They called me "bloodthirsty".

An exit plan? You mean a plan other than kill the bad guys, start a democracy, and leave when their cops and troops can shoulder the burden? A plan other than that?

The shirt says: "Regime change in the U.S., not in Cuba. Pastors for Peace."

Strange. He doesn't look like a socialist idiot, does he? I must have had a secluded childhood. I don't remember too many pastors who openly supported an atheist, totalitarian regime that routinely oppresses Christianity...

This is an absolutely delightful picture. Surely the best of the bunch and a strong argument against legalizing drugs. I suspect this "individual" is a libertarian. Mark Hemingway's commentary is quite adequate for laughing at this...

The actual quote is: “Those who would sacrifice liberty for SECURITY deserve neither,” because that makes sense. Those who sacrifice liberty for freedom are probably too busy drooling on cardboard to have much of an opinion about the war.

As I said, absolutely delightful.

Honey, I'm not questioning your patriotism. I'm questioning your planet of origin.
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