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Just got a VZ52 cleaning kit. Three piece rod, oil bottle that seconds as rod handle (I think) some type of sheetmetal curved shroud, muzzle preotector, chamber brush, and two jags. Anyone have a pic of the breakdown of the parets and their use. I can figure out most of it but just curious. Nop pics right now but nice stuff. Thanks.

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Well Mike...

Mine went in just fine, maybe you do have some trash in there that needs to be cleaned out...

I did have to "fit" the tip of the chamber brush in through the muzzle guide so that everything would sit in there.

Tell you it seems like just a "compact" fit... nothing moves once it's in... no rattling no nothing. Sure seems like it was designed "just so"...

Got myself two kits - one for my 52... and one for my 52/57... which I am determined to get and WILL get at some future date... @ about $1000 for a nice one. looks like I'll have to save some $$$.

... you know John sure did sell out of these quickly.

I found out he had these about two weeks ago... PM'd a few folks I knew were lookin'.

... and then posted their availability in a couple of places - Survivors SKS, Parallax and Surplus Rifles... and very soon they were GONE! "... just like that!"

Thought about posting here but didn't 'cause these people are not sponsors here...

I do believe that he's still got some mags available @ $20 each though...
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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