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I just got the VZ to the range yesterday and I must say I am impressed. A bit of a long post.

No failure to feed after 50rnds. Ejection was bout 10' and the brass was fine.Thats important on these rifles as any Ammuntion is expensive!!

At 30yrds it was putting most rounds in the same hole. I know thats very close but this was mostly a function test of the rifle and my own handloaded ammunition. A good indication anyway.

Recoil is very mild. An all day shooter.

I used some Buffelo Arms ammo as well and that shot very well too.

Maybe of interest:

Before shooting I did some tests on the federal 210 primers I am using for the 7.62x45. I know there is alot of info/ concerns out there on Slam firing with Semi auto's. I might add with good reason!!

I took some brass cases and primed them. No other componets where added to the brass case. Chamberd the primerd case and let the reciever close on the case as if you where firing a single shot. I did this five-ten times and had no ignition of the primer. It did leave little scuff marks on the primer face but that was it.

Next, I primed a case and left the primer .005 proud of the case surface. Did the same thing and had no ignition of the primer. Left some little marks on the primer face.

So this proves that this particular rifle is pretty If I had took it to the range right from the store who knows. If there is alot of build up/rust in the fireing pin channel I could easly see the fireing pin jamming proud of the bolt surface and creating an unsafe condition.

Hope this is of interest.
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