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Viet Cong Arisaka? -MikeS- old post from 10/05

Not done yet...., Viet Cong Arisaka?
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Topic author: MikeS
Subject: Not done yet...., Viet Cong Arisaka?
Posted on: 10/08/2005 10:18:07 PM
Well, I didn't mention it with the other T38 and 99, but at the same "anteek" shop they had another T99. It was stated to be a Viet bringback, captured from a VC in '67. The name and address of the GI who brought it back was listed on the description.

So, I went back today and took a closer look and took some notes on it to see what anyone may think about picking it up. So here goes...

From what I learned and the sites I found on Arisaka Markings, it was a Nagoya, Series 7 rifle. The serial number is 453. It was all matching, however the "5" in 453 on the receiver has been stamped over an "8". The number on the nosecap is still 483 while both numbers on the bolt are 453. The bolt numbers were not overstamped.

It has a full mum, and had not been reworked. Cylindrical bolt knob. No drain holes. The back of the cocking piece was made of straight lines rather than a mum pattern. Didn't appear to have been apart as the bolts were still staked.

But, it was missing the middle band and the handguard. The upper band does not appear to have been taken off in a long, long time and the wear to the metal and wood was consistent with those parts having been off for a long time also.

The rest of the week is 50% of sale, any thoughts on a fair price, on this T99 in general? I know the VC used them, but don't know if there were any characteristics to identify them I kind of doubt it, but thought I would check with the experts.

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