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I'd like to share an excellent You Tube video with my Italian collector friends in case they have not already seen it. It's a compilation of original Italian "Newsreels of the War" pre-war and early WWII related footage on a great number of topics from the preparation of canned food for the troops to demonstrations of the helmets, uniforms, equipment and especially the small arms used by the Italian troops.

My favorite section appear at the fifteen minute mark where the then presumably new M1938 short rifle in 7.35 mm is compared to its predecessor, the 1891 long rifle. The M1938 rifle shown is the very scarce first variant with the full length handguard. Especially take note at the 15:40 mark where it's demonstrated how the early latch-back folding bayonet was locked into open and closed position. Very cool! :)

My second favorite part appears at 20:45 where the Brixia mortar is demonstrated in great detail. Once again, super cool! :)

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